Independent collaborative clothing brand

Insolence was An independent collaborative clothing brand Created and ran by Sam Nelson & Kerrilee Hunter. They commissioned graffiti artists to create stunning one-off designs for a limited run, small batch clothing line.

Insolence X Friz

Friz is a Belfast based artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums, currently focused on spray painting.

Her work largely revolves around the female form. It is a study in identity; who we are; where we come from and our connection to the natural world around us.

She collaborated with Insolence to create this one off piece, 'No Laughing Matter'.

Insolence X Mytarpit

Mytarpit is the work of Irish artist Andy Hamilton, self described underground artist and overground illustrator. Andy collaborated with the team at Insolence to create a retro video game themed design.

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